In their later years the cab forwards had three different colors in their paint jobs.  The basic color overall color was black, the hot areas (smokebox and firebox) were a graphite-grey color, and the lower portion of the cab front was aluminum.


For the black color I used a one to one mixture of Floquil engine black and weathered black.  I used Floquil’s platinum mist for the cab front, and mixture of graphite and old silver for the smokebox and firebox areas.


Here’s a picture of the boiler after the graphite-grey and aluminum color had been painted.



The photos above also show all the other parts after being painted black.  After painting each color I baked the parts in a warm oven (125 degrees F) overnight to thoroughly cure the paint.  I painted the wheels in a separate batch (sorry no photos) after covering the tires with micro-mask.  After the baking I came back and sprayed an overcoat of Testor’s dullcoat on all the black painted parts.  On the areas where the decals are to be applied I sprayed Testor’s glosscoat instead. 


After the paint had been cured, I came back and masked off the graphite-grey and aluminum colors on the boiler and cab.  I used masking tape where convenient and micro-mask for the odd shaped areas.  After masking I sprayed the rest of the boiler black.


Here are pictures of the boiler after the black color has been applied:



And the ends of the locomotive:



When I finished all the spraying I went back and painted the injectors and valve handles red.    The cab area was also sprayed with a light overcoat of glosscoat to prepare for decaling.


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