The Cab Forward models


The two models are a pair of early 1960ís brass imports made in Japan.† They were made by Akane and can represent any of the AC-10 through the AC-12 series of Cab Forwards.† Since these models were built in the early 60ís the detailing is crude by todayís standards.† A lot of the handrails and piping are oversized, and many of the details are made from simple brass turnings.


Despite the limited detailing the Akane Cab Forwards had the reputation of being excellent runners.† In fact both these models ran fairly well when I received them, but they were very noisy as was typical of open gearbox designs.† The Akaneís were also built like tanks, heavy gauge brass and rugged construction made for a model that you didnít have to worry about breaking when running it.


I purchased the models as they became available as part of an estate that was being sold off.† The models had seen a lot of running time and had numerous pieces that were loose and starting to fall off.† I would classify them in fair condition, they were definitely showing their age, but they had no physical damage other than loose parts.


Here are a few photos of the models in their original condition:






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