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Before anything could be repaired or upgraded I needed to get the models down to bare brass.† The first thing that I did was take everything apart and then remove the old paint using Jasco paint remover.† Jasco is a paint and epoxy remover as I found out, over the years several parts must have come loose and were glued back in place using epoxy.† Naturally all these parts fell off during the paint removal process.


After the paint remover treatment I bead blasted everything to remove the tarnish and the last traces of paint.† Here are some pictures of one of the models after the paint was removed.† These pictures were taken before bead blasting.


Engineerís side view:


Firemanís side view:


Smokebox front and tender steps


These pictures also serve as a good starting point reference.† Later Iíll compare these with the photos showing the detail upgrades.




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