Track Testing


Before taking the models all apart to paint I put some running time on them to make sure that there were no clearance issues, or mechanism binds.† In the past I just ran them around the track, but now I have a new test stand from Bachrus that really helps find any binding or rubbing issues.


Hereís a picture of one of the cab forwards being tested on the Saddle test rollers:


After the stationary testing and addressing some minor crosshead guide adjustments it was on to the traditional track testing.† I ran the locomotives both light and under load in both the forward and reverse directions.† After running around the layout in one direction, I turned the locomotives around and repeated all the tests.† My layout has 24 inch radius curves so this is a real good clearance and binding test for these big locomotives.† Both of these locomotives had no problems with these tight radius curves and the drivers didnít even bind up!


Hereís a picture of one of the cab forwards pulling a string of 31 overnight box cars:


Both these locomotives run great, they will creep along in either direction with no hint of any binding.† The new can motors only pull 100 ma of current when the loco is running light, this only increases to 200 ma with the string of 31 box cars.† Itís quite something to see the whole train creeping along at a scale 2 mph.


Well now that the testing is done it time to tear them all apart and paint themÖ


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