Painting Preparation


Because of all the parts involved in both of these locomotives I decided that I would paint them one at a time.  To begin I completely disassembled the first locomotive and degreased all the parts in lacquer thinner.


To hold all the parts I made a bunch of painting fixtures from some ¼” brass rod.  I cut the rod into roughly 5” sections and then turned down one end to 2mm.  I used a die to create a short 2mm x 0.4 threaded portion on the end of each rod.  The rods make convenient holding fixtures as they can be screwed into any 2mm threaded holes.  To hold the boiler I soldered together a fixture from some brass stock.  I drilled and tapped four holes in the fixture and then mounted it to boiler using the same screw holes that hold the boiler bottom in place.  Here’s a picture of all the fixtures used for this paint job.



Here are a couple pictures showing all the parts ready for painting on their fixtures:



I masked off all the areas that should free of paint with either tape or with micro-mask.  These areas included the crosshead guides, and areas where the wheels and axles contact the frame.



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