Painting and Lettering

Since the Westside model represents the early years of P-1ís life I decided that the painting and lettering should also be representative.  Prior to 1915 the cab was lettered with Southern Pacific.  The engine numbers were located on the side of the tender and on the locomotiveís sand dome.


I also wanted to lightly weather the locomotive so I decided to paint it with a combination of Floquil weathered black and Floquil engine black.  I used a mixture of 2 parts weathered black to one part of engine black.  I painted the smokebox area with Testorís burnt metal metalizer.  But Iím jumping ahead a little, here are a couple of pictures of the locomotive prior to painting.




Here are a couple of pictures of the painted and decaled boiler



Here are a few pictures of the painted tender:




After everything was painted I used Bragdonís weathering powders to weather the locomotive a bit.


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