Painting the Frame and Wheels

After the drive line upgrades were all track tested it was time to take apart all the running mechanisms and paint everything.  Up to this point I had not bothered to strip the paint from the frame so that was the next step.


I disassembled everything and then dumped everything except the wheels in Jasco paint remover.  For the wheels I just quickly dumped them in lacquer thinner and brushed away the old paint.   The frame and the other brass parts were then bead blasted to clean everything up.


All the parts were then masked appropriately and everything was air brushed with the black paint mixture.  After curing I applied a few light coats of Dullcoat to seal everything.


I really didnít take all the step by step pictures of this process, but here is a picture of the major parts after painting.  At this point I had already assembled the drivers into the frame.

Running gear parts painted


Note the toothpicks and brass rods that I use for painting fixtures.  I use the fixtures so that I donít have to handle the parts once I start to paint.  This keeps skin oils off the surface and prevents fingerprints in soft paint.


Here is a photo showing the re-assembled frame and running gear:

Re-assembled frame and running gear after painting.




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